I peel open my skin and unwrap my bones and all I see is rot.
My mind is a mass of maggots
picking away the dead and gone to reveal the stark white within.
I realise for the first time that I am naked to the world
and I am just as ugly as all of the rest.
But it doesn’t matter because deep inside me are stars and galaxies
and I know there is beauty in everyone and everything.
Sometimes the galaxies are trapped between my bones
and I try and try but I can’t seem to ever set them free.
And sometimes my veins course blood thickened with everything I thought I could be.
I feel numb sometimes and my head pounds so loudly to the screams of desperation my heart releases,
But the words shatter on the edge of meaning
and then reverberate back into the space my heart makes in my ribcage.
And I know everything will be okay.


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