in-betweens of the city

The world is bustling with noise.
The dark oil of the night sky contrasting city lights
Little people walking on little streets lined by little roads driven on by little cars
And these people all have their own stories to tell,
A multitude of memories condensed into all the tiny spaces we call home.
These memories,
Recalled and created from 10 million reactions a second
They sneak in between alleyways and streets dotted with tequila bottles and piled-on-high crates,
Shimmer and sashay across brightly lit chandelier lights and sleek marble floors,
Slither between shoulders of shuffling crowds raving to the beat.
They glide their way across sheets cocooning couples in mad embrace
Love motels,
Tiny apartments,
Terrace houses.
Blocks and blocks of cordorned off spaces of life
Alongside others sleeping soundly in the raven night.


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