Kill your darlings

Kill your darlings
With words that
enrapture and entwine
Around their fragile hearts.
No one wants to admit that the heart
Is hardy as glass.
A burst –
Succumbing to pressure –
An explosion of shards,
They pierce through your paper skin
Dotting the air with spots of red paint
You are the painter welding your own brush
You are your own paint,
Creating a splendid tale
Trodden to dust by what comes after

Kill your darlings,
With words that enliven the glow from within.
The heart is as hardy as bulletproof glass And lets light through just as easily.
A burst of sunshine-
Warmth gliding through-
Illuminating the skin
To sets of bronze, gold and silver.
We are all precious stones,
Crafted from the beginning when God first decided to make us,
Kill your darlings,
Those that only come when daylight falls
Kill your darlings,
The ones that whisper in your ear
I could have,
I should have,
Why didn’t I?


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