Random haiku

And so, here we go,

Sashaying with the deep current

Somewhere only we know



I’ve been meaning to write for the longest time
But it didn’t feel right
Substituting a penny for a dime.
(I insist you need to be worth too little to stay in my thoughts.)
Now that the dust has settled
And I’m much less nettled,
I’m brave enough to begin writing
To conclude things once and for all

I find myself to be somewhat of a risk taker
Because I now understand the universe better
To know the consequences of resisting flow.
Yesterday I made a new friend from a chancy endeavor
And the day before, too, from elsewhere
That was good, we talked for hours until his last bus home
(The point of all this is to say please don’t mess up the progress I’ve been making.)

on childhood friends

Childhood friends bring you back to a space of suspended time when you didn’t know much about the world. These sepia-toned memories seem to take on a sort of deliberate slowness, dusted off from their shelves where they remain daintily until forever forgotten. They remind you of who you once were, and bring you to pages in your story you rarely visit. You take a step back, and access how life has been then, and how it is now, and you are humbled by the things you have experienced and how they have shaped you into who you are today.

I really enjoyed talking with you today. I saw a flicker, then a spark and an ignition of what used to be someone so dear to me, and even though we have not talked like this in years, it feels like maybe, we could start talking again. And even if we don’t, I am glad you are well, and that you are in a relatively good place now. You’ll always be something special to me.